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After retiring from their successfull Calgary based business, Donna and Ernie moved to Eagle Hill in 1994 and began building everthing that stands there today. Their intent was to retire, but a great passion and love for horses, as well as a keen business sense, brought them to where they are now, working long hours, building solid business relationships and providing exceptional care for every horse that sets hoof on the farm.

It's not unusual to find them taking shifts waiting up all night in a barn during foaling season, applying ointments to cuts, massaging stiff muscles or combing out knotted tails. Donna and Ernie are both thrilled to have Jes and Carrie Lynch and their children Craig and Brandy on site providing expertise in all equine fields and managing all farm operations. Their knowledge and skill is invaluable. Together, they look forward to having you out for a visit!

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